10 Best Torrent Sites For Movies

Are you finding it difficult to get the best torrent sites for getting download links of your favorite or newly released movies? Your bad days are over now. 

 In this post, I am here with a list of 10 Best Torrent Sites For Movies. These are the most trusted and user-approved torrent sites available on the internet. For your convenience and entertainment, I have picked all these 10 torrent sites based on user reviews, downloading speed, and the quality of contents available.

Before a detailed discussion on the sites in the list of 10 Best Torrent Sites For Movies, I would like to ask you,  Do you know the literal meaning of this word torrent?

When you look into a dictionary for the literal meaning of the torrent, you find that it means an intense and fast-moving stream.

Now we can easily co-relate that torrenting is a fast mode of downloading a big file, either it is a movie, songs, software, or any other data available on the internet.

Most people think that torrenting is an illegal activity, but I would like to make it clear here for you all; it is the half-truth. To check the unlawful distribution of material on the internet, many countries have banned the use of torrents. In spite of this, the fact is, most of the contents available on torrent sites are legal and safe. 


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Disclaimer & Torrent Legal Warning

www.firetvtricks.com/ does not support the illegal sharing of any copyrighted content. I want to Highlight that P2P File Sharing is a legal process as most of the shared files are copyrighted. In case you upload any of these copyrighted files, you are at risk of a civil lawsuit of your country. So be sure about the legal aspect of your country before uploading of copyrighted content.

10 Best Torrent Sites For Movies

Movies are equally famous among the people of all age groups across the globe. We all love to watch movies of our favorite actor and actress, but finding quick download links for movies is a tough task. Isn’t it? Of course, yes.

But from now, it will be going to be the easiest task for you to find a download link of a movie you are looking for.

Let have a look at our list of Top 10 Best Torrent Sites For Movies:-

1 The Pirate Bay

In every list of torrenting sites, the one name which you will always find in the top three is The Pirate Bay. In my list of 10 Best Torrent sites for movies, I have put it on the top only because of its features. It is one of the most used and famous torrenting sites. Most of the people also called it the “King of Torrenting Sites.” 

The Pirate Bay is capable of bypassing any restriction and block imposed by the government to stop torrenting sites. Here you will get thousands of healthy download links of the latest movies, songs, books, games, software, and much more.The sites also provide unique features to identify genuine and scam links to their VIP users.

Site URL: https://thepiratebay.org/

2 Torlock

Torlock is one of the most trusted and authentic torrenting sites available on the internet. The site is known for the quality of torrent links available on this site. The sites claim that it has more than 5 million torrent links available on this site even if any user across the globe find any fake torrent link on the site, the Torlock will pay $1 for each fake link to the user as a penalty.

The user interface of this site is exceptionally excellent, and you can easily navigate to find the link of your choice. This site is best suited for movies, music, and anime.

Site URL: http://www.torrentfunk.com/


While discussing the list of top torrent sites for the movie, we can’t miss mentioning YTS. After going through user reviews and talking with the torrent users, the one common name which everybody speaks about is YTS. You can also call it the best torrent sites for movies. Here you will get a wide range of movie links for download.

 The user interface of this site is very simple and easy to load. Here you can easily find the torrent link for your favorite movie; either it is the new released or old one, you will get all at a single place.

Site URL: https://yts.am/

4 LimeTorrents

LimeTorrents is one of the best picks based on user reviews. The site is known for its user-friendly interface and wide range of torrent links. Here you will get the torrent links for all the latest released movies and songs.

 If you are a movie lover, this torrent site is the best place for you to get the download link of your movies without any hassle after checking the various parameters. Here you can check the date the torrent link was added, seeder, its size, and the health meter for each torrent link.

Site URL: https://www.limetorrents.info/


Another name in the list of 10 best torrent sites for movies. The site was founded in the year 2008, and now it is considered as one of the most popular torrent sites on the internet. Here you will get the torrent links for old and new movies, music, songs, books, games, software, and much more. 

The best thing which the user loves about RARBG is its user-friendly interface and regularly torrent links updates.

Site URL: http://rarbg.to/

6 Torrent Downloads

When it comes to the torrent sites with the vast database, the first name which comes in mind in every torrent user is “Torrent Downloads.” Here you will find all the links are appropriately placed in particular categories inside of an enormous database. You will find it very smooth and easy to get your ring of choice. This is all due to the fantastic user interface of this site.

Here you will also enjoy an option to give a rating based on your experience, which helps others to find the best out available links.

Site URL: https://www.torrentdownloads.me/

7 1337x

In a recently published survey, 1337x, successfully gain its position in the list of top ten torrent sites of 2018. The site is known for the quality of torrent links and its smooth user interface. Here you can easily find the content of different genres such as movies, games, software and much more.

The one thing which makes 1337x unique in the crowd is the freshness of the contents. The links on this site are updated every hour. This is why every torrent user loves this site.

Site URL: https://1337x.to/

8 Torrentz2

With an extensive library of more than 6 million torrents, Torrentz2 is one of the most popular torrent sites available on the internet. It is the number of torrent links, and its user-friendly interface is the reason to keep this site in the top ten in my list of 10 best torrent sites for movies.

Torrentz2 was launched as an option of the original site Torrentz.EU, which is not up to the mark now. The Torrentz2 inherited all the fantastic features of parents’ sites.

9 Toorgle

Toorgle is one of the most widely used meta-search engines which provides torrents links from more than 500 different torrent sites. Now you can easily understand the reason behind the popularity of this site. Instead of individuals looking at various websites for the download link of your favorite movies, it is better to visit Toorgle and look for your desired download link.

Here you will also get all information related to the link, which includes the health of torrent link, download speed, and the number of downloads. Based on this information, you can easily choose the best link out of the list.

Site URL: https://dirtytorrents.com

10 Torrents.io

In my list of top 10 torrent sites for movie, last but not the least name is Torrents.io. When it comes to the maximum number of visitors on any torrent sites, you will find the Torrents.io on the list. The site is known for its user interface and the quality of the links available on this website. 

Here you will get all the live links arranged in particular categories with complete details about the links so that you can easily navigate to get your required movies or video links.

Site URL: https://torrents.io/


All the websites mentioned above in my list of 10 Best Torrent Sites For Movies are picked based on user reviews, quality of link available, database, and the most importantly safe and secure torrent links

Apart from the names mentioned above, there are lots of other torrent sites too. Which are also useful in some expect. If you have used any of the torrent sites for movies, don’t forget to share your experience so that everybody gets benefits out of it. You can also write to us to getting information about any other torrent sites.

Last but not least, do not forget to use a Good VPN like IPVanish VPN to avoid any restriction or blockage.