Top 5 Titanium TV Alternatives For Firestick

After the shutdown of the famous video streaming app Terrarium TV app, there are lots of other apps that came into existence to fill the gap caused by the sudden shutdown of Terrarium TV. The one app which gains huge popularity in this period is the Titanium TV app and this app was doing well but the due course of time lots of people starts looking for alternatives to the Titanium TV App to feed their appetite for new content and user experience.

If you are one of them who loves to try new things to explore the amazing features and contents on various video streaming apps this post”Five best Alternatives of Titanium TV” is meant for you.

After doing lots of research and trying more than hundreds of video streaming app available on different platforms  I am here with handpicked “Five best Alternatives of Titanium TV” all these below-mentioned apps selected on the basis of their similarities with the famous Titanium TV Apk and user reviews.

So are you ready to explore the best alternatives of  Titanium TV, Let’s have a look

Best Alternative of Titanium TV App

Before discussing the five best similar App likes  Titanium TV let’s have a look at some of the important features of the app so that we can easily compare the alternatives of this app.

Titanium TV is a videos streaming App which is fast rising towards acquiring the status of Terrarium TV. And this is all you to the amazing features of this App such as high-quality video contents regularly, updated video library, availability of content in various languages and genres with a super cool user interface. If you want to try  Titanium TV App check my previous article on How to install Titanium TV App on Firestick

Best Similar Apps Like Titanium TV

1 CyberFlix TV

CyberflixWhile discussing the best alternatives of Titanium TV App the first name which is globally accepted is CyberFlix TV. The app is equipped with all the features which are available with Titanium TV apps such as High Definition Video quality, Latest Videos contents which include movies, TV shows and many more from different genres in various language with subtitles.

The most important feature of this app which makes it one of the best alternatives of Titanium TV is its 24×7 customer support I know it is tough to believe but, it is true. The app allows you to contact the developer any time with your concern and query related to the use and functioning of this app. You can also place your request for a particular video through the 24*7 available customer support.

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TeaTVThe second name in the list of five best alternatives of Titanium Tv is TeaTV. Instead of calling it alternatives to Titanium TV we can also be called it the contemporary app of Titanium TV as both apps released at the same time but the  Titanium Tv gains more popularity as compared to the TeaTV app.

The  TeaTv app is equipped with all the features which were inbuilt in Titanium  Tv and it is one of the most widely used videos streaming app for Andriod users.  The developers of this app are working hard to improve its quality and regularly fix the bugs and introduced new features to this app.



KodiI am very sure that you might have heard about this amazing app and many of you are also using it on your device. Kodi is one of the most used open-source video streaming apps and this is the reason that this app will never be going to be shutdown.

Here you will get hundreds of addons popularly known as Kodi Addon which enables you to watch and stream various videos contents from all over the world and for this you not need to pay a single penny.  If you are looking for a good alternative for Titanium TV with amazing videos Kodi is the best choice. For watching the videos with  Kodi on your device what you need do is install Kodi Addon in your device  For more details, check my detailed tutorial on Kodi Addons.

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UnlockMy TVAs compared to the above-mentioned alternatives of the Titanium TV app the UnlockMyTV App is a new and recently released app but, when he talks about the features of this app, you will find this app in the same league of TeaTV, CyberFlix TV, etc.

The huge collection of video contents of different genres in various global languages with subtitles makes this app an ocean of entertainment. The UnlockMyTV is a perfect streaming app for a binge-watcher. The user interface of his app is also superb and users loved it.

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5. Cinema APK

Cinema Apk

Last but not least and my personal favorite alternatives to Titatinum TV are Cinema Apk. It is a contemporary app to Titanium TV and as you know the Titanium TV is shutdown but this app is still live. The Cinema Apk also not host any videos files like Titanium TV. It is a content aggregator that doesn’t host any content of its own. But provide you access to an enormous library of movies and TV shows.

You might be thinking that it is my personal favorite then why I have put this app at 5th position in this list of Best Alternatives of Titanium TV Apk. The reason behind this is the user interface f this app. The user interface of this app is not that much appealing as compared to the above-mentioned app.

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 Final Words:-

This is all about the Five Best Alternatives of the Titanium TV app. All the above-mentioned apps are selected on the basis of user reviews and my personal experience. For more such amazing apps and information stay tuned with us.