How To Browse Internet On Firestick

Do you know that now you can use FireStick for web Surfing ? 

 Yeah, now you can enjoy web surfing on your TV screen while sitting on a comfy couch. We all know that Amazon Fire Tv uses an internet connection for its functioning. So, apart from watching a TV program on your Firestick if you want to enjoy internet capability. What you need to do is install a web browser. You can choose either Mozilla Firefox or Silk Browser.

 If you also want to browse the internet on your Firestick what you need to do is- follow the procedure mention in this post.

No doubt, this tutorial is going to be a fantastic guide as we are going to show you a simple step-by-step procedure to download useful web browsers on Firestick. So, to enjoy internet browsing on Firestick stays with us till the end.

     How to Browse  Internet on FireStick?

The downloading procedure of web browsers is not very complex, so lets start with step-by-step instructions for downloading Silk Browser and Mozilla Firefox  for seamless internet surfing. 

To install Silk Browser on your Amazon FireStick follows the below mention steps:

  • Launch your Amazon Fire Tv or Firestick
  • Navigate to “Apps” at the top left corner of the screen
  • Click on “Apps
  • Select the option “Categories
  • Click on the category “ Utility”
  • SelectSilk Browser” and then click on “Get”
  • The Silk browser will now “Install” automatically.
  • Now click on “Open”
  • Accept the terms and conditions of the Silk browser by clicking “Accept”
  • Now, have happy Internet Browsing

After installing Silk Browser  now we will set Google search engine as default for our smooth internet surfing experience. Follow steps mention below and set the Google search engine as default:

  • Launch the Silk Browser
  • Press the “Menu” or “Option” button on the Fire Tv remote (a button with three stripes)
  • Click on “Settings” and choose the option “Advanced settings”
  • Then, click on “Search Engines”
  • Finally, Select “Google” to set your default search engine.

Isn’t it easy guys? Of course, it is an effortless procedure.

In case, Silk browser doesn’t work for you, or you don’t like to download it, we have another fantastic option for you in the form of Mozilla Firefox.

So here we go:

Follows these steps to Install Mozilla Firefox:

  • Launch your Fire Tv or Amazon Firestick
  • Click on “Search Function”
  • Type “Mozilla Firefox”  and search for it
  • Click on “Mozilla Firefox Icon”
  • Click on “Get”  and then click on “Download”
  • Once downloading completed
  • Launch Mozilla Firefox browser and browse the internet for your favorite programs and entertain yourself.

The Bottom Lines:

We hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial and find it informative and effective. Now, you can comfortably browse the internet on large Tv screens without any problem.