LimeTorrents Proxies- Here’s How To Access LimeTorrents

LimeTorrents is a one-stop platform for HD movies, tv shows, web series, software, and adult videos. Due to piracy, government and authority always take it down. But, every time developers push it live with new domains and servers. If you’re unable to access it, you can try LimeTorrents proxy sites along with a powerful VPN.

What is LimeTorrents?

Torrents are the most popular platform to download videos, movies, software, etc. There are millions of people who visit torrent sites to download files. LimeTorrents is one of the best torrent websites where you can find everything you want.

Although, it doesn’t have a huge database like other sites. If you want Windows Application, macOS Apps, Android or iOS Apps, Videos, or TV Shows; is a good site.

Limetorrents is one of the best torrents’ websites, and many torrenting tech geeks prefer it. LimeTorrents is as yet one of the famous preferred by torrent users online. Secure, steady, and productive results are an excellent option for discovering your torrents.

LimeTorrents is an online torrenting website, which allowing BitTorrent content of many genres based on Games, Movies, TV Shows, Applications, Music, Anime, etc. It offers a primary interface with excellent choices to make your request useful and without complexities.

So, did you believe that Limetorrents close forever? If yes, then you are wrong, as the torrent website is still available in some countries. There is no doubt that how successful the LimeTorrent platform is when downloading our favorite content. It is one of the preferred torrent sites where we can download the pirated content.

Why LimeTorrents Banned?

A lot of people asked us why this popular torrenting website LimeTorrents, is banned. Let us tell you that so several copyrighted stuff, especially movies, are available on this torrent website. Sometimes, many movies get leaks before the release date too. Users can easily download movies even before they are launched in theatres. That’s why the government has banned torrents site in many regions.

What is LimeTorrents Proxy?

After banned Limetorrents, It hurt whole its traffic. After that, they didn’t discover files anywhere else. But with a proxy’s help, you can quickly access these Limetorrents websites without providing your IP address. When you are utilizing a proxy, your IP is safe and not visible.

Once the LimeTorrents site is blocked from accessing it, people discover it hard to find free content. That is why many people use site proxy servers to find the content without creating any problems.

Here we have noted several such Limetorrents proxies for you that will unblock Limetorrents. You can visit any proxy site to reach the Limetorrents website easily.

Limetorrents blocked? Are you finding some different ways to reach the site? There are various alternatives possible to unblock the torrent site.

Best LimeTorrents Proxy

LimeTorrents Proxy

Here are some best limetorrents proxies that you can try-

Sr. No.Proxy URLStatus
8 is another reliable website of the lime torrent and a famous and official site to lime torrent. It is one of the most reliable Limetorrents proxies websites and provides fantastic quality, and has been live for a long time. has a winner among different Limetorrents unblocked sites. Subsequently, it works rapidly.

There are many areas through which one can understand how to get to this storm site without a great deal of time. Here is a quick summary of the lime torrent that is active, trustworthy, and won’t merely downtime at whatever point.

It is a successful and secure website to lime torrent in the Asia is one of the famous Limetorrents proxies; despite all that, it has still had the option to download the desired content.

It designs with excellent quality substance and has been up for quite a while. The site has a standout compare to other Limetorrents unblocked. Moreover, it works fast. is a mirror and secure version and another official site of the lime torrent. It is a unique and expert site to lime torrent. It provides the best quality stuff. In this way, it works actively.

There are many ranges through which one can recognize how to get to this Limetoorent site. Here is a quick overview of lime torrent go-between that is lively, stable, and won’t downtime at whatever point.

Limetor.Pro has one of the best Limetorrents unblocked websites; hence it works very quickly. There are various sites through which one can, without enough of a stretch, figure out how to get to this storm site. Here is a review of the lime torrent proxy site. It is fast, reliable, and most of all, won’t take downtime. is another official site of the lime storm. It is a mirror and active form of a lime torrent site. It is a unique and professional site to the lime deluge.

It also provides excellent quality material and has been live for a long time. has been one of the oldest torrent sites from the start of time. It helps us to discover something stunning. It hence is forever preferred as plan b, and it has a fantastic success rate in getting something valuable.

Can I Unblock LimeTorrents Using A VPN?

Yes! you can locate this LimeTorrent site using a VPN too. For PC, you can install a VPN extension on your Web Browser to make it simpler to unblock the website.

If you don’t know how to do, follow the steps-

Step 1-

The first step is to open Chrome on your PC or Mac, or Laptop. You can do it the same way on Opera and other web browsers too.

Step 2- 

Get an ExpressVPN subscription and install the app and chrome extension.

Step 3-

Visit the “Add to Chrome” button to install the VPN extension.

Step 4-

Once connected, you will see the Express VPN icon at the browser’s top bar.

Step 5-

Now, click on that symbol and choose the country server you. I will suggest you select the server having a stable Internet speed.

How To Download Anything From LimeTorrents?

Step 1-

Enable VPN on your computer.

Step 2-

Visit any of the Limetorrents proxy websites.

Step 3-

The proxy website will redirect you to the website. You can find the tv shows, latest movies, and anime, etc.

Step 4-

Review the leechers, seeders, and health before downloading the wanted torrent file.

Step 5-

Now, you have to open the torrent file with a torrent client like uTorrent and wait for the complete download.


We have listed the best Limetorrents proxy servers. You can choose any of the links for the site to unblock. If any of the links are not working, then developers will update soon. Please tell us regarding dead links in the comments. Enjoy unlimited access with Limetorrents site.