Rarbg Proxy- How Access Rarbg Torrent

Rarbg torrenting is an online practice that allows users to download content that is not generally available on the Internet. From movies, games, TV programs, software to ebooks, a wide variety of content is present here. Prevailing since 2008, this site has become extremely popular for downloading high-quality content.

If you are unable to unblock Rarbg then do not worry. You will still be able to see that TV show with your friends for which you have waited so long. Keep reading this article to know more about Rarbg proxy and how to access it.

Why is Rarbg Blocked?

Rarbg is a shared site in which the content is acquired by the customers and not the website. Authorities have a problem with torrenting as the copyrighted material is circulated without permission or financial repayment to the original creators. That is why it is geo-blocked in certain countries but can be accessed using several tricks.

Sometimes the site is down and that is the reason why users cannot access Rarbg. If you live in a country where this is blocked then you will have to opt for ways to access Rarbg indirectly.

How To Access Rarbg Torrent?

Rarbg Proxy Sites

Here are some of the ways that will help you in unblocking Rarbg. These are some really simple steps that take a minimum of effort…

1. Rarbg Proxy

Are you struggling to unblock Rarbg but nothing works? If yes then here is the ultimate solution for you. Users can access it using proxies or Rarbg mirror websites.

This will help you in overcoming the geographical restrictions imposed by the government of that particular country. Rarbg proxy hides your original IP address and acts as an intermediate between the user’s computer and destination.

Also, the proxy will provide you with numerous levels of functionality, privacy, and security. This assists in bypassing the imposed restrictions to have access to Rarbg.

Here are some working Rarbg torrent proxy sites-

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2. Use a VPN

In some cases, proxies are not enough to open the website and a VPN is required. VPN’s are great as they easily allow the users to see the content available on Rarbg. All you have to do is download a VPN, choose a server location, connect to it and enjoy watching the restricted content.

Have access to free internet with the help of VPNs and browse without worrying about government surveillance or even local blocks. Additionally, a VPN ensures that you can watch or download content on Rarbg along with having a secure and private connection.

I recommend ExpressVPN to access torrent sites because their servers are secure and keep your activities 100% private. You sign up for ExpressVPN here.

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3. Replace your DNS

For the users who are looking for the quickest way to have access to the Rarbg website, this method is the way for you. Using this solution will assist you in bypassing the blockade instantly. Yes, you have heard it right, “instantly”!

Configuring a custom DNS server makes your Internet faster and you can load websites quickly. Google DNS and OpenDNS are the most popular ones to unblock the websites. You can also use the Cloudflare DNS service as it claims to be the fastest one available as of now.

Cloudflare DNS– &

Google DNS– &

4. Use TOR browser

TOR is the most efficient way to unblock any website after proxies and VPN. Other than Rarbg proxy, TOR or The onion router is a powerful method for removing blockades only if you know how to set it up.

Not only does TOR help you in accessing the Rarbg website but also enables you to enhance the security of your computer.

Basically, TOR is a group of individual networks which assist the users in anonymous communications. Get rid of all sorts of surveillance with the Rarbg TOR method.

5. Use URL Shorteners

What if we told you that there is a way with which you can trick the browser? Because there is! Bypass the restrictions and access the Rarbg website with URL shortening services.

Since they are not blocked from your server, you can use them to customize the URL you are trying to access. This way, the browser is going to be tricked into believing that it is a different website.

URL shortening method is definitely worth your try because it takes minimal effort as well as time. If the shortened URL redirects to its original self then repeat this process again to gain access.

6. Rarbg Mirror Sites

Another amazing way of watching content on the Rarbg website without using Rarbg proxy is mirror sites. A mirror site is a copy of the original site which is hosted on a different server.

Although they are generally used for distributing data and traffic load, they are also considered great for unblocking any website. Visit the mirror sites and easily see whatever you want to see.

Download all the content effortlessly without revealing the original identity. Also, you can go to mirror sites whenever the original website is down, blocked, or not available due to other reasons.

7. Some other ways to access Rarbg

There is an endless number of ways to unblock a website. Here are some methods that are not foolproof but do work most of the times:

  • Use HTML to PDF converter to download a website without even accessing it. You can opt for services that allow you to do so. Download the webpage and simply start browsing.
  • Look for websites that store a copy of all the websites. You will find several copies and then search for the Rarbg website. Have access to the past and present versions of any website using this method.
  • Get extensions that will allow you to browse the website using its encrypted proxy network. Extensions can even defeat firewalls so do give it a try.
  • You can also use Google translate to bypass any restriction as you can convert the blocked website into any other language that you are aware of.

Final Verdict

This was all about Rarbg proxy and ways to access the Rarbg website. Enjoy watching the content which is otherwise available in your geographical region. Browse movies, tv shows, and ebooks and even download them. The above-mentioned ways are the best to access the Rarbg website.