How To Setup Insignia Fire TV Without Remote

An Insignia smart tv is a Fire Tv edition, and in this tutorial, we are going to show you how you can set up your Insignia Fire Tv without the remote. We hope you will find these steps by step guidelines helpful and supportive to watch your favorite shows, movies, and sports through your Insignia Fire Tv. 

How Set up your Insignia Fire Tv without using Remote

Nowadays our smartphone is taking the place of nearly everything. So, in this tutorial, we will also take benefit of our smartphone and Amazon Fire Tv Application. First of all, we need to download this Amazon Fire Tv app on our smartphones.

Downloading Amazon Fire Tv Application

 There are a few simple steps to download it easily. It includes:

  • Download the App from Google play store or any other trusted App store.
  •  Open the app and select your Fire Tv device. Your app will automatically connect to your Fire Tv device. In case, you can’t see the device, go to “New devices” and select your device.
  • Now sign-in with “Amazon Username” and “Password”
  • Enter a four-digit PIN code in your app
  • You will see the remote buttons on your smart screen of mobile.
  • Now, you can use this app like remote, and it will help you in the setting of your Insignia Fire Tv.

Once you  get ready with the Amazon fire TV app now we will move to  second stage i.e

Set up your Insignia Fire Tv

  • Click the “Home Button” then click on the right navigation key
  • Go to the “Settings” 
  • First, connect your internet connection through network settings.
  • Now, you can make other settings with the help of the internet as well.
  • You can make changes according to your wish.

Apart From this you can also Set up your Insignia Fire Tv Through Power Button without using remotes for this what you need to is is mention below;

How Set up your Insignia Fire Tv Through Power Button

  • You can set it up through the power button.
  • First, Unplug the Tv and hold the power button
  • Plug the Insignia Tv power cable again
  • Hold the power button till the menu opens on the screen
  • There you can see many options, and you can set up your Insignia Fire Tv.
  • By pressing the Power button again and again to select your desired option.
  • You can make all required settings according to you.
  • The procedure is simple and very easy to follow. You can do it without facing any difficulty.

Now you can use any of the above mentioned method to Set up your Insignia Fire Tv without remote. For any further assistance feel free to write in the comment box given below.