How to Cast PC to Firestick ?

Do you know you can see the contents of your PC on the comparatively large screen of your TV?

If you wish to re-experience your happy moments and live your memories again or you want to enjoy your pics and videos or other content available on your PC with your family on the bigger screen of Fire TV, it is possible but for this what you need to do is to cast your PC on FireTV. 

Today’s modern technology is making everything possible and easy. So casting any device is also possible within a few minutes. But, if we talk about Amazon Firestick then you find the casting process a little tricky. It is why we are here with this tutorial to let you know how to cast Pc to Firestick within no time. 

How to Cast PC to Firestick ?

The step-by-step procedure of this tutorial will help you in the whole casting process. You just need to follow the below steps carefully and don’t miss any useful information to cast successfully. But before moving towards the main procedure we have to check that the same network of Wi fi must connect your both devices. The procedure of checking is as follow:

  • Go to “Home Screen” and click “Settings” from the top menu
  • Choose “Network”
  • Check the name of the connected network on both devices.

When you finish checking these settings, then move towards this main procedure of casting Pc to Firestick.

  • Enable the “Display Mirroring Screen” as shown above
  • Now, click on the “Notification Icon” of your PC. You can find this icon in your “Taskbar” on the right side.
  • Select “Expand”
  • Select “Project” and choose specific “Projection Type”;
  • Click “ Connect to Wireless Display”
  • Select your Firestick name and click on it
  • Your Firestick will start casting PC screen
  • Just open the folder which you wish to cast on Firestick.
  • Now you can enjoy some precious moments of your life together with your family again on a bigger screen.


It is all about How To cast a PC on Firestick. You can also refer to our earlier articles on How to mirror an Android phone on Firestick, if you wish to watch the content of your smartphone on the bigger screen of your FireTV. Apart from this you can also write to us for any queries related to Firestick.