Best Kodi Addons

It’s tough to find the best Kodi add-on for all your needs. So, today I decided to provide a Kodi add-ons list where you can find a good addon for movies, tv shows, IPTV, Live TV, and sports.

I’m testing over 200+ Kodi add-ons every month and I promising you that: Here I keep you updated with the latest and working add-ons for all your needs.

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Which is the Best Kodi Addon?

There are thousands of Kodi Add-ons serving the entire world. So, it’s difficult to say that- which is the Best Kodi Add-on. We think it all depends upon individuals and their needs. However, it’s easy for me to tell based on popularity and glitch-free streaming.

Thousands of add-ons are shut down in the past few months but many out of them survived and working for various devices. Without an add-on, Kodi does nothing. It works like any ordinary media player (audio player and video player). So, I’m listing out some of the top add-ons for Kodi that working great for now.

Best Kodi Add-ons of 2023

Best Kodi Addons 2023

Check some featured Kodi add-ons of 2023 here-

  1. The Crew
  2. The Magic Dragon
  3. Exodus Redux
  4. Seren
  5. Covenant
  6. Exodus v8
  7. Numbers
  8. Venom
  9. Nemesis (AIO)
  10. Tempest
  11. IT (13 Clown Fork)
  12. FEN
  13. 7 Of 9 (AIO)
  14. Greased Lightning
  15. Alvin
  16. TAZ
  17. Yoda
  18. GAIA
  19. Death from Above
  20. A Pirate’s Life for Me

1. The Crew

Currently, The Crew has plenty of content to watch on Kodi. This add-on has diversified categories that people are mad to watch. It’s the Best Kodi Add-on for Movies and TV Shows. The Crew offers Real-Debrid and Trakt account setup option to have a premium feel with 4K Video Quality and buffer-free streaming.

We are using this add-on for longer but it gained immense popularity in the past few months. The Crew Kodi Add-on is packed with powerful algorithms and scripts that pull-out plenty of streaming links. Without any error, Kodi user’s watching a big library of Shows and Movies.

Which Kodi Repository The Crew Available: Team Crew Repository

What is the repository address for The Crew Add-on:

2. The Magic Dragon

It has been a long since The Magic Dragon serving good quality movies and shows for Kodi users. Even after many ups and downs, The Magic Dragon stable and finding streaming links flawlessly.

The Magic Dragon is one of the finest add-ons for watching movies and shows. Millions of Kodi users are already using The Magic Dragon on various devices. People who love to watch good quality (HD) movies and tv shows should install this add-on to Kodi.

3. Exodus Redux

Exodus was the favorite add-on for many Kodi enjoyers. Later, authorities target Exodus because of its insane popularity and copyright claims. The official Kodi Exodus was taken down. But, various developers took the source codes and developed the replicas.

Exodus Redux has gained similar popularity as the Best Kodi Exodus Alternatives (Fork). It serving similar contents for a very long. Those who got attached to Exodus UI, can install Exodus Redux on their device and enjoy plenty of free movies and tv shows.

 4. Seren

Most of the Kodi add-ons depend upon public sources to find a streaming link. Various web scrappers working great and pulling out streaming links and that’s why we could watch everything for no charge.

Seren is not an ordinary add-on that usages free sources to find links. Rather, it works like a premium add-on that needs Real-Debrid authorization to watch movies and shows.

Real-Debrid itself not requires introduction because it’s the most popular video hosters that contains a huge database of movies and shows. It’s a cloud base torrent client that contains enough database. However, Real-Debrid tied-up with all popular video hosters that ordinary add-ons fetch.

Seren would be a great premium add-on for Kodi to watch 1080p & 4K HD streaming without any glitch.

5. Covenant

Covenant is the most popular video add-on for Kodi that served a lot. Because of its ever-increasing popularity, the developer faced legal pressure and toot it offline. It recently came online after a long time but packed with a huge collection of movies and shows.

People already loving it a lot because of the buffer-free stream. You also can install Covenant on your device to watch free movies and tv shows.