How To Install CotoMovies On FireStick

About 2 years ago, I found an amazing movie application called Bobby Movie. It was one of the top trending movie applications for Android after Terrarium TV and Showbox. Recently, this app renamed as CotoMovies due to certain reasons.

Here, this post is all about CotoMovies (Bobby Movie) App. I’m writing a step-by-step guide to install CotoMovies on Firestick. But, before jumping to the installation process, I would like to brief you on CotoMovies App.

CotoMovies is a next-generation trending on-demand movie application that offers High Definition (HD) and Standard Definition (SD) movies to Android device users.

It has a huge collection of movies and tv shows and this database is continuously growing. It means, all your favorite movies are available on CotoMovies App and you can stream them directly on your Android Phone as well as Fire TV devices.

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CotoMovies also allow you to download the movies and save offline. When your internet is gone, you can enjoy these offline movies anywhere.

So, in this guide, I am writing the installation steps with all possible screenshots…

How To Install CotoMovies On Firestick?

Here are step by step process to install CotoMovies App on Firestick

1. Open Firestick

Go to Firestick Home

2. Go to “Settings”

Go to settings

3. Go to “My Fire TV”

Go to My Fire TV

4. Select “Developer options”

Select Developer options

5. Enable “Apps from Unknown Sources”

Enable Apps from unknown sources

6. Select “Turn On”

Select Turn ON

7. Select “Search”

Search Apps from Amazon store

8. Type “Downloader”

Type Downloader

9. Select “Download”

Type Downloader

1o. Select “Open”

Open Downloader

11. Enable JavaScript

Go to Settings option> Enable JavaScript. (Important)

Go to downloader settings

12. Select “Yes”

Press Yes

13. Go to “Home”

From the left navigation menu, select Home.

Go to Downloader home

14. Type Download Address

Type download link of CotoMovies Apk in the URL bar and select “Go”. This is download link-

CotoMovies Apk Download

15. Wait…

Install CotoMovies on Firestick

16. Select “Install”

How to install CotoMovies on Firestick

17. Wait…

Wait… App is installing on your Firestick. It will take around 20 seconds.

Install CotoMovies App on Firestick

18. Select “Done”

Steps to install CotoMovies for Firestick

Step- 19: Delete source file (Optional)

The application has been successfully installed on your Firestick. Now, you can delete the APK file to save some storage. However, these two steps are optional.

CotoMovies App

Step- 20: Select “Delete”

CotoMovies Apk

Boom! You have installed CotoMovies App on Firestick. Now, you can access CotoMovies inside your Apps section. Once you open this app, you have a huge collection of movies and shows on your Fire TV Stick.

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How to install CotoMovies on Fire TV Stick 4K?

The process is similar to above but, in short, you can install CotoMovies on Fire TV Stick 4K by following these steps-

  1. Go to “Firestick Home
  2. Go to “Settings
  3. Open “My Fire TV
  4. Select “Developer options
  5. Enable “Apps from unknown sources
  6. Select “Turn On
  7. Press “Home” button on Firestick remote.
  8. Go to the “Search” option.
  9. Type “Downloader
  10. Select the “Download” button.
  11. Choose “Open” to launch the downloader app.
  12. Go to “Downloader Settings“> then “Enable Javascript
  13. Select “Yes
  14. Now back to “Downloader Home
  15. Enter CotoMovies Apk download address-
  16. Wait, Apk file is downloading…
  17. Select “Install
  18. Wait, it will take around 30 seconds to finish the installation.
  19. Select “Done
  20. Delete source file to save some internal space.