How To Reconnect Firestick Remote?

Amazon Firestick is the best streaming device these days. No doubt, to enjoy uninterrupted videos of your choice on the same, the control must be in your hand. But, what if your Firestick remote does not work as per your command ?

In this situation you are left with few  options to check this issue. Either you need to reset your remote or you have to repair your firestick but before that you can try to reconnect your firestick remote to the device.

 But you do not need to worry at all. We will help you to find the best solution for this problem. We will never let your remote spoil your happy mood. In this tutorial I am going to show you the step by step process on how to reconnect Firestick remote. You can also refer to my previous article on How to pair a Firestick Remote if you find that your remote is not paired. 

Let’s start with today’s topic: how to reconnect a firestick remote to help you to reconnect your Firestick remote within no time.

How to Reconnect Firestick Remote?

First, we will discuss step by step procedure to reconnect basic edition remotes. If you are having a  Fire TV edition TV remotes don’t follow these steps you can go for the second method mention below.

  • Press the “Home button” and hold it.
  • At the same time, press three times the “Menu”  button 
  • Time to release the “Home button”;
  • Press 9 times “Menu button”;
  • Remove the remote batteries
  • For 60 seconds “Unplug” your Firestick
  • “Insert Batteries” back in remote
  • “Plugin” Fire Tv and wait for 60 seconds
  • The home screen will appear
  • Now, press the “Home button” and hold it for 40 seconds
  • Wait, the setup will complete within 60 seconds.
  • Now, your remote is reconnected with your smart Tv 

How To Reconnect Fire TV Edition TV Remotes

If you are having a Fire TV edition TV remotes please  follow the follow the steps carefully:

  • For 60 seconds “Unplug” your Firestick
  • Press and hold for 12 seconds “Left button” “Back Button” & “Menu Button” together
  • Wait for 5 seconds after releasing buttons
  • Now, remove Firestick remote batteries 
  • “Plugin” Fire Tv and wait for 60 seconds
  • “Insert Batteries” back in remote
  • Press the “Home Button” for ten seconds of your Firestick remote
  • An LED indicator will show blue light that blinks
  • Now pairing is done, and your Amazon Firestick remote is successfully reconnected. 


This is all about how to reconnect Firestick remote. You can choose any of these two methods depending upon the type of remote you are using if you are using Fire TV edition TV remotes you can go for the second method otherwise you can follow the first method. If you face any difficulties in between the process you can write to us. For more details regarding How to pair Firestick Without Wi-Fi, or how to update Wi-Fi remote, How to reprogram firestick remote or for other queries related to firestick or fire stick remote. you can check the previous article available on this site.