How To Reprogram Firestick Remote?

Watching your favorite movies  on Amazon Firetv is an awesome way to spend your free time and TV serials without any issues. But sometimes it gets irritating, especially when your movie or show is streaming, and you want to increase the volume to enhance the excitement, you find your Firestick remote needs reprogramming.

We can understand your frustration in such a situation. The things get worse if you don’t know the proper steps to reprogramme your firestick remote or you miss an important step of the process. There are lots of people who think that reprogramming Firestick is the same as resetting a Firestick remote but the fact is quite different.Both the processes are identical and for different purposes. To know more about how to Reset Firestick remote you can refer to my previous article.

In this article I will discuss how to reprogram Firestick remote in detail So that you can easily reprogram your remote in no time.

Here we go:

How To Reprogram Firestick Remote?

follow these below mention steps carefully to re-programme you firestick remote. Before proceeding make sure your TV and Firestick already has the necessary connections.  As you know Amazon Firestick comes with a remote that can be paired in “Initial Setup” If you don’t know how to pair Firestick remote you can refer previous article.

  • Once you make the necessary connections between your TV and the Firestick, you can pair the remote.
  •  Now take out the remote batteries and check is it  working or not?. If found ok insert them back.
  • Press the “Home Button” for ten seconds.
  • The remote pairs with your Smart TV.
  • Check your remote if the Voice button blinks it means it is searching for a connection.
  • If three “Blue Light Flashes” then it means that programming is done and your remote finished the pairing process with your smart TV.

Isn’t it easy guys? Yes, it is. The process will hardly take two or three minutes.

 Final Words

This is all about reprogramming Firestick remote . In this tutorial I have tried to cover all the details required for the reprogramming of remote. Even if you need any help or clarification feel free to write out in the comment box given below. You can also write to us about any issue related to fire tv. We love to help you. you can visit Firetv Tricks for more tips and tricks related to Firestick.