How To Install Google Play (App Store) On Firestick (Alternative)

This guide is for those who are willing to download Google Play on Firestick. It’s a widely used application stores where you can find millions of apps for free of cost. The easy-to-use interface and millions of free apps are the major advantage of the Play Store. I think this is the reason why you are looking to install Google Play Store on Firestick.


Unfortunately, Google Play is not available for Firestick. However, you can install the best alternative to Google Play for Firestick. I’m talking about Aptoide TV.

Aptoide TV is the biggest app store for wide-screen devices. It has lots of popular streaming apps available to install on Smart TV and other media streaming devices.

Note- Many apps on Aptoid TV contains copyrighted materials. We recommend you to use a secure VPN for Firestick.

In this guide, I’ll show you a step by step process to install this Google Play alternative (Aptoide TV) for Firestick. You can directly install Kodi, Terrarium TV Patch, Titanium TV, Tea TV, Popcorn Time, etc. from Aptoide TV on Firestick.

Aptoid TV is a specially designed app store for TV and media streaming devices like Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, Android Box, and Roku. So, let’s start to learn the installation steps…

How To Install Google Play on Firestick?

We are installing Aptoid TV on Firestick as a Google Play alternative. Follow these steps…

Step- 1: Open Firestick

Firestick Home

Step- 2: Go to “Settings”

Go to settings

Step- 3: Go to “My Fire TV”

Go to My Fire TV

Step- 4: Select “Developer options”

Select Developer options

Step- 5: Enable “Apps from Unknown Sources”

Enable Apps from unknown sources

Step- 6: Select “Turn On”

Select Turn ON

Step- 7: Select “Search”

Search Apps from Amazon store

Step- 8: Type “Downloader”

Type Downloader

Step- 9: Select “Download”

Type Downloader

Step- 10: Select “Open”

Open Downloader

Step- 11: Enable JavaScript

Go to Settings option> Enable JavaScript.

Go to downloader settings

Step- 12: Select “Yes”

Press Yes

Step- 13: Go to “Home”

From the left navigation menu, select Home.

Go to Downloader home

Step- 14: Type Download Address

Type download link of Aptoid TV in the URL bar and select “Go”. This is download link-

How To Install Aptoid TV

Step- 15: Wait…

Aptoid TV (Google Play) for Firestick is downloading… Please wait till download gets finished.

How To Install Aptoid TV On Firestick

Step- 16: Select “Install”

Steps to install Aptoid TV on Firestick

Step- 17: Wait…

Again you need to wait around 10 seconds till Aptoid TV installed.

How to install Aptoid TV on Firestick

Step- 18: Select “Open”

Google Play for firestick

That’s it… Aptoide TV an alternative to Google Play for Firestick has been installed on your device. Now, you can install any apps from Aptoide TV store on your firestick.

If you are facing any issues in the installation, feel free to write in the comment box…