How to Record From Firestick?

Are you the one who is missing the episodes of your favorite TV serials and movies due to your busy schedule? If yes, then this tutorial is specifically for you. So, stay with us till the end, and you will never miss an episode of your favorite TV serial. Amazon Firestick offers you to record your favorite programs and watch them whenever you have enough free time to enjoy them. If you are still wondering for a cool app to watch and record tons of videos you can refer to our previous article on how to install Kodi on Firestick because Kodi is just like a pandora box of entertainment

How to Record From Firestick?

Here, we must mention one thing that Firestick storage capacity is not huge enough to store all your recordings or this will make it work more slowly. So, you need some external source like a hard drive or USB stick to record all programs without any issue through your Firestick.

If you are also willing to record your favorite videos, first of all, you need to have the following things:

  • A Television or Monitor
  • A USB stick with ample storage capacity or Hard drive
  • MYPIN HDMI game capture card

After having the above-mentioned items, we are ready to record any videos streaming on firestick.  Are you ready here we go:-

  • Plug the “hard drive and USB stick” in the USB host port of the game capture card
  • Now, plug your “Firestick” in the “HDMI input port”;
  • Connect your “Monitor or Tv HDMI input” with the capture card’s output
  • To start recording, you have to press the “Red REC” button on the front side of the capture card. Here you go:
  • From now you will never miss your favorite Sports match or Tv serial episode.

The Bottom Lines:

No doubt once you record a program, you can always access your favorite videos and sports matches and enjoy them with your friends as well.  We hope you enjoyed this tutorial and find it interesting. Stay tuned with us for more interesting tutorials on various topics related to Firestick.