How To Pair Firestick Remote Without WiFi

A Firestick is smart enough to make your Tv smart, but it is not that smart to take all your commands without a remote control. To use your firestick  effortlessly what you need to have a remote  paired with you your firestick.

Paring firestick remote with Wi-Fi is a easy job but pairing firestick remote without Wi-Fi is tricky. This is why we bring this amazing tutorial just for you guys to solve your issue of pairing the remote of FireStick without a Wi-fi connection.

So, stay with us till the end of this tutorial to learn this flawless and easy procedure to pair Firestick remote without Wi Fi. Are you ready to learn –

      How to Pair FireStick Remote Without WI-FI?

This step-by-step tutorial will make you learn  how you can pair the remote of Firestick without having a wifi internet connection. A Firestick will not show its home screen without a wifi internet connection. But, you can easily pair the remote with it without the internet. No doubt the process is not very complex and has some simple steps to follow:

  • Go to “Settings”
  • Select “Controllers and Bluetooth Devices”
  • Now select “Amazon Fire Tv Remotes” 
  • Click on “Add Remote”
  • This action will lead your device to search remotes and display them in the list.
  • Now at this stage, hold the “Home Button” of your new remote for ten seconds
  • Once your device recognizes the new remote, it will display on the screen.
  •  Press the Select button from your new remote.
  • It is done.

Now you can enjoy error-free streaming of  your favorite videos, as control is in your hand in the form of the remote.

The Botton Lines:

We hope that you find this tutorial helpful. Moreover, you can connect seven remote controls with your Firestick. But, when you touch the limit, you need to unpaired one of them to replace or add a new one. You can do the pairing of a new remote of Firestick through using the Amazon Firestick App, and in this case, there is no need for old remotes. You can download this app on your smartphone.