How To Install Downloader On Firestick

Downloader for Firestick is the most trending download manager app by Recently, this app has been removed from the Amazon app store because people were using it to download and install Kodi, Terrarium TV, and other free streaming apps. Amazon has removed this app long back because people use this app to sideload APK files.

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When you search Downloader or Downloader for Firestick in the search box of your Fire TV Stick device, you won’t find the official app anymore. However, we can still install the downloader on Firestick with a small effort.

In this tutorial, we are going to learn the steps to install the downloader app on firestick. There are multiple methods to install a downloader but if you have a PC (Windows or Mac), you can install a Downloader with one click. Even, people using Apps2Fire and ES File Explorer to install Downloader on Fire TV Stick.


ES File Explorer and Apps2Fire are not reliable. Because most of the time ES File Explorer unable to download the APK file and Apps2Fire causing problems in connecting with your Firestick.

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So, we’ll install Downloader on Firestick with the help of a PC. Either, you have Windows or Mac, both work fine.

What requires to install Downloader on Firestick?

Following things required to install downloader on Firestick-

  1. WiFi network (of course you already have)
  2. A Computer/Laptop (Windows or Mac)
  3. Active internet connection

If you’ve all these things, you can install Downloader for Firestick in under 30 seconds. The next paragraph is all about the installation process.

How To Install Downloader on Firestick (2023) Working Method

Step- 1: Turn ON your Firestick

First of all, plug-in all the necessary cables and power sources. Connect your Fire TV and PC with the same WiFi network.

Firestick Home

Step- 2: Go to Settings

Using your Firestick remote, head over to “Settings” menu.

Firestick Settings

Step- 3: Go to My Fire TV

Scroll right and select the “My Fire TV” option. Check the image below for reference purposes.

My Fire TV

Step- 4: Select Developer Options

Inside My Fire TV, you’ll find many options like About, Developer options, Sleep, Restart, Reset to Factory defaults etc. Here you have to select “Developer options“.

Developer Options

Step- 5: Enable ADB debugging and Apps from Unknown Sources

Here you need to enable “ADB Debugging” and “Apps from Unknown Sources“. Both, these options must be enabled to install Downloader on Firestick device.

Allow Apps from Unknown Sources

Step- 6: Open Web Browser on your PC

Now head over to your PC and open a Web Browser. I recommend you to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Here you have to download Platform Tools for Windows or Mac. Go to this link to download platform tools for Windows/Mac-

Platform tools download

Step- 6: Download Platform Tools for Windows/Mac

I’m a Windows PC user, so I download Platform Tools for Windows. Agree with terms and condition and hit the Download button.

Download SDK Platform Tools

Step- 7: Extract Zip File

Extract Zip File

Step- 8: Open Extracted Folder

Open the extracted folder and type CMD inside the location address. It’ll open a command prompt containing your folder location. Another way, you can directly open the command prompt by typing cmd after pressing Windows+R key on your keyboard and go to the extracted folder using the command line- cd C:\Users\UserName\Downloads\platform-tools. In this case, your extracted folder should be located in C:\Users\UserName\Downloads\platform-tools.

Platform Tools CMD

Step- 9: Run these commands

Find your IP address by opening Firestick Home> Settings> My Fire TV> About> Networks

  • First, connect your Firestick through ADB commands. Type- adb connect <IP ADDRESS>
  • After running that, check the list of connected devices. Type- adb devices


Step- 10: Now Download APK file

Download APK file of Downloader by from here. Download APK

Now copy the downloaded APK file in the platform-tools folder.

Downloader Apk

Step- 11: Run the install command

Back to command prompt and type- adb install Downloader114.apk

Here Downloader114.apk is the filename of Downloader by

ADB Install command

Step- 12: Downloader installed

Boom, Downloader for Firestick has been installed on your Fire TV device. I recommend you to stay on Downloader v1.1.4 and do not update. Because Downloader 1.1.6 and other versions are causing issues on many devices.

Downloader installed on Firestick

Now go back to your Firestick and check My Apps. You’ll see, downloader has been installed on your device.