How to fix the Pair Error on Kodi?

Being a Kodi user on your firestick might have experienced some unexpected errors. Among these errors, the error that occurs most frequently is the error. The main cause of this error is the stream authorization issues. After reading my previous posts on Kodi for Firestick, a lot of people write me about How to fix the Pair Error on Kodi?

 If you are also one of those or facing the same problem then read this tutorial carefully. In this tutorial, I have covered the reason behind this error and how to solve it. 

   How to fix the Pair Error on Kodi?

A site like is linked with various streaming sites and Kodi add-ons and has a high demand. Therefore, to prevent the servers from an overload of traffic, it requires stream authorization.

When users visit the pairing website then they have to authorize the IP address of their device and this thing will allow them to stream for four hours from the site and after these four hours, they have to re-authorize to continue watching their content.

This tutorial will guide you to fix this error on Kodi. The turning off of Hosters with Captchas will solve your issue. Now what you need to do is follow the below procedure of turning off the hosters with captchas properly without skipping any steps to fix this issue. 

How To Turn off the Hosters with Captchas?

The turning off of Hosters with Captchas is one of the best techniques to sort out this issue. It will restrict the link of an add-on to the website as well as other sites that require authorization. If you turn off these hosters with captchas then you will not face this error again. You have to follow these simple steps:

  • Right-click on the add-on
  • Select “Settings”
  • Click the “Playback” tab
  • Now scroll down and see the “Hosters with Captchas” list
  • Turn off the option 
  • Click “Ok” and move outside the menu of settings

It is all about How to fix the Pair Error on Kodi? And I am very much sure that after following the above-mentioned method you will be able to solve this issue and enjoy uninterrupted streaming of your favorite videos through Kodi on your Firestick. For more amazing tutorials and tricks for Firestick stay tuned to this site. You can also write us if you face any type of issue related to Firestick. We love to help you.