How to Install Exodus Add-on On Kodi

While looking for some of the best and most used Kodi addons the one common name which you find in the bucket of every Kodi user is Exodus Kodi Addon.  It is the huge collection of movies, television shows, kids shows, and documentaries which makes  Exodus one of the most popular Kodi addons.

This famous Exodus last year was abandoned by its original developers due to some certain technical issues but the new Exodus is updated with all the new features and now this latest version is better than ever. It’s available to install from Kodi Bae Repository. If you are still missing this amazing Kodi Addon. Don’t make it to late to experience the amazing video’s contents.

Here in this tutorial, I will be going to give you step by step guide on How to install Exodus on Kodi. Once you install this amazing Kodi addon you will get access to the amazing video’s contents of different genres.

How To Install Exodus On Kodi

By following the below mention steps you can easily install  Exodus on Kodi without any hassle. So let go through the detailed steps mention below.

1- Launch Kodi

First of all, you need to go to your Apps list and launch Kodi. Firestick users can go to Settings> Applications> Manage Installed Applications> Show App> Select Kodi> Launch. Or you can simply press the Home button and Firestick remote and go to Your Apps and Games list> select See All> then select Kodi to launch.

Kodi Home

2- Go to Settings

You’ll see a gear looking icon of the left side of the TV screen, select that. Refer to the image below to recognize the Settings icon.

Kodi Settings

3- Select System Settings

At the bottom corner of your TV screen, you’ll find a System option. Using your remote, select that option.

System Settings

4- Select Add-ons

A similar interface as given below will on your TV. Select Add-ons option from the left navigation.

Addons Settings

5- Select Unknown sources

By default, Kodi keeps this option disabled to prevent third-party installation. But, I’m sure only official add-ons are not enough for you. So, in order to install unofficial addons for Kodi, you need to enable Unknown sources on your device.

Kodi Unknown Sources

6- Select Yes

You could find a Warning popup on your device screen. If you use a secure VPN and install the add-ons from a trusted source, you won’t face any issue. So, ignore this popup and select Yes to continue.

Kodi Unknown Sources Warning Popup

7- Go back and Select File Manager

Just press the back button on your Firestick remote or Backspace button on your PC to see this screen. Select File Manager option to enter the repository details.

Kodi File Manager

8- Select Add source

Here you need to add a file source to install any third-party addon. Click/Select Add source option.

Add Sources in Kodi

9- Select <None>

You can see an empty file source. Select the <None> option to enter the media source address.

Edit Source

10- Enter a Source URL

Here you need to enter the Kodi Repository address (Media Source) from where you want to install that add-on. I’m entering the repository source of Kodi Bae and here it’s located – and then select OK.

11- Enter a Source Name

In order to recognize in later steps, I’m naming it as – Kodi Bae. But, you can enter anything here. I generally put the Addon or Repository name as Media Source Name for understanding.

12- Save Media Source

I recommend you, review this again. Make sure you entered the correct URL in the box and remember the source name. Select OK to save it.

13- Go back and Select Add-ons

Once again, press the Back button on Firestick remote or Backspace key on your PC keyboard. Select Add-ons option from here.


14- Select Install from zip file

You’ll get a screen like this on your device. Here you’ll see several options. Select Install from zip file to go further.

Install from Zip file

15- Select Media Source Folder

If you remember, In Step #11, I asked to enter a media source name that you can recognize later. So, select the source folder to find out the repository file. I’ll choose Kodi Bae here because I entered this name during adding a media source.

16- Select the Zip File

Here you can see a Zip file for Kodi Bae Repository installation. Select =ZIPS= to install on your device. Here X.X.XX is the current version of that repository. You may see a different version once the developer updates it.

17- Select Install from  repository

Please wait for a few seconds till repository zip is installed on your device. Now select Install from repository to proceed forward.

Install from Repository

18- Select KodiBae Repo

You can see the KodiBae in your repository list. Select to install this add-on.

20- Select Kodi Bae 

Select Kodi Bae Repository from your repository video add-ons list.

21- Select Install

Select/Click on the video add-ons button to get various video add-on on Kodi.

22 Select Exodus

You can see the Exodus in your repository list. Select Exodus to install this add-on.

23 Select Install

Select/Click on the Install button to begin the installation of Exodus add-on on Kodi.

24 Select OK

This add-on requires some additional add-ons and scripts to run properly. Click OK to make it work.

Final Words

By following the above-mentioned steps in the guide you can easily install the popular Exodus Addon on your Kodi to experience the latest videos, movies,  documentaries much more. For more such an amazing app stay tuned with us. We regularly update this website with the latest Kodi addons and apps for Firestick.