How To Enable Unknown Sources ON Firestick

Do you want to sideload Android Apk on your Amazon Fire TV Stick? For that, you must enable unknown sources on Firestick. Enabling unknown sources on Firestick to allow you to download all the popular streaming applications such as Cinema Apk, Typhoon TV, TVZion, Titanium TV, Bee TV, Kodi, and many more.

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How To Enable Unknown Sources On Firestick?

Follow these steps to enable unknown sources on Amazon Fire TV Stick-

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select My Fire TV.
  3. Choose Developer Options.
  4. Click on Allow Apps from Unknown Sources.
  5. Select Turn ON.
  6. Enjoy the unlimited streaming experience.

Here’s a detailed guide to enable unknown sources on firestick (step-by-step)-

1. Go to Firestick Home

First of all, close all the apps and jump to Amazon Firestick Home.

Firestick Home

2. Select Settings

Scroll right using your Firestick Remote and select Settings.

Firestick Settings

3. Click on My Fire TV

Press the arrow-down button on your remote and select My Fire TV option.

My Fire TV

4. Select Developer Options

Inside the My Fire TV, you’ll see Developer Options, click on that.

Firestick Developer Options

5. Choose Allow Apps from Unknown Sources

You can see- Apps from Unknown Sources is OFF. Click on that to enable it.

Allow Apps from Unknown Sources

6. Click Turn ON

A warning pop-up will appear, click on Turn On to enable it.

Turn On Unknown Sources

7. Unknown Source Enabled

Now you can see Apps from Unknown Sources is ON. Now you Firestick is ready to install any third-party applications. See the list of best firestick apps.

Unknown Source Allowed

Why should I enable Unknown Source on Firestick?

Even though you know some benefits of enabling unknown sources, but many readers are confused about it. They might have a question in their mind- Why Should I Enable Unknown Source? So, let me summarize it in very short.

The Amazon Fire TV devices running on an Android-based Fire OS. It’s a customized and highly optimized operating system to provide excellent streaming experience. It supports all Android apps and games. But, there are very limited apps available on the official Amazon Store.

Many popular applications like Kodi, Cinema HD, Typhoon TV, Bee TV, Titanium TV, etc. are not available. But, these Android apps are supportable by your Firestick. After enabling Unknown Source, you can download and install these apps. It gives complete freedom to watch and explore new apps.

Does Enabling Unknown Sources is Safe on Firestick?

By default, Amazon keeps unknown sources disabled to avoid any third-party apps installation. Some third-party apps contain viruses and malware. So, you must ensure- the app you’re installing is virus-free. As long as you’re installing third-party apps from trusted sources, enabling unknown sources is totally safe. However, I always recommend my readers to use a good VPN to protect your privacy breach.

You can go for any trusted and secured VPN Softwares like- Express VPN and IPVanish. I’m using Express VPN across all my devices and it gives excellent speed and security. It also unblocks Netflix, Hulu, and BBC Player. You can get a 49% OFF on an annual plan.

Final Verdict

If you’re only using official apps on your Fire TV, believe me- you’re missing a lot. There are very limited apps available on the Firestick App Store. You can install any Android apps on your firestick. Here I’ve guided you the complete steps to Enable Uknown Sources on Firestick. Now you can install any app from Downloader or Filelinked.